Songs of War

The background music is
Lilli Burlero
Sequenced by Lesley Nelson-Burns

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Several of these tunes rightly belong in several categories. For instance, The Girl I Left Behind Me was popular on both American and British sides of the Revolutionary War, and has been sung in wars since. The World Turned Upside Down was, in fact, sung by the British, but I have included it in the Revolutionary War. And Lilli Burlero is originally English but is identified with marching men throughout the world. So I've put songs in more than one category. I could do so with more.

Songs of War

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American Songs of War
(These are also at Songs sorted by Country)

The French and Indian War

Revolutionary War

War of 1812

Civil War

Other American Songs of War

Revolutionary War

Guarding a Civil War Camp
soldiers lined up

Irish Songs of War, Rebellion and Patriotism

Scottish Songs of War

Jacobite Songs

Other Scottish Songs of War

war on castle

Welsh Songs of War

English Songs of War and Patriotism

Napoleonic Wars
(Duplicates from other wars are put here to note they were also popular during the Napoleonic Wars - see Songs of the Sea for more shanties that were popular aboard ship in many eras)


Soldier and Woman

Women and War
(These also appear in other categories)

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