The Cruel War
Version 2
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Barry Taylor

I first heard The Cruel War on a Peter, Paul and Mary album. My source traces it back to the American Civil War, but it's likely based on an older English tune.

There is another set of lyrics at The Cruel War (1). There are, of course, many others.

The cruel war is raging
Johnny has to fight
I want to be with him
From morning till night

Oh Johhny, dear Johnny,
Morning, noon and night,
I think of you marching,
Left, right, left and right

I know you're so gentle
When you hold me tight,
Oh how will they make you
Get out there and fight?

Go speak to your sergeant,
And say you want out,
Just say you're allergic
To this kind of bout.

Oh Johnny, dear Johnny,
Yes, I know you're brave,
But oh how I miss you,
It's your love I crave.

Oh why did the army
Take you from my side,
To go into battle,
Away from your bride.
Golden Encyclopedia of Folk Music
See Bibliography for full information.