Francis J. Child Ballads
A Complete List

The background music is
Lord Bateman
(Variant of Child Ballad #53)

Sequenced by Lesley Nelson-Burns

The titles of ballads are exactly as appear in The English and Scottish Popular Ballads Table of Contents. I could not possibly include all the variant titles for all of the ballads. Variant titles ARE listed on the pages of those ballads for which I have music, so you can use the Search Engine to try to find a ballad if the exact title is not here. If you are looking for a particular number or ballad title you can use your browser's menu: Edit | Find in Page to locate it on this page.

If the title is a link, the link will lead you to a page with a midi, lyrics and information regarding the ballad or a variant of the ballad. If the link is marked with an asterisk the page will have a link to a page with the full text of all variants found in The English and Scottish Popular Ballads.

The link is only to one midi/lyrics version of the ballad. Many of the ballads have more than one variant at this site. For a list of all of the Child Ballad midi/lyrics pages, visit (or return to) the Main Page.

Child Ballads

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