Enraptured I Gaze
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

This tune was written by Francis Hopkinson (1737-1791) of Philadelphia. It was published in 1788 by Thomas Dobson. Hopkinson originally named the collection Seven Songs for the Harpsichord or Forte Piano. However, the publisher added an eighth song and it become Eight songs for the Harpsichord or Forte Piano. According to The Music Washington Knew, the collection was the first collection of music printed in America. The collection is also of interest because it was dedicated to George Washington, who was a personal friend of Hopkinson.

Hopkinson was one of the first American composers. He was also a lawyer, poet, inventor and painter. He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence (for New Jersey) and helped design the American Flag. He served as judge of the Pennsylvania Admiralty courts and was later a judge for the District Court in Eastern Pennsylvania.

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Enraptured I Gaze, when my Delia is by,
And drink the sweet poison of love from her eye;
I feel the soft passion pervade ev'ry part,
And pleasures unusual play round my fond heart.

I hear her sweet voice, and am charm'd with her song,
I think I could hear her sweet voice all day long;
My senses enchanted are lost in delight
When love and soft music their rapture unite.

Beyond all expression my Delia I love;
My heart is so fix'd that it never can rove;
When I see her I think 'tis an angel I see,
And the charms of her mind are a heav'n to me.
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