It's of a Sailor Bold
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

H. E. Hammond collected this song in Dorset. It appeared in English County Songs (1893). It's of a sailor bold,
And lately come on shore;
Both brisk and bold,
Well lined with gold,
To his lover he did repair;

In old and ragged dress
Unto his love did go,
Unto his love
All for to prove
Whether she'll be kind or no.

My merchandise I've lost,
My ship is gone astray,
Which makes me fret;
I'm deep in debt,
Not a tenth part can I pay.

Come in, my dear, sit down,
Put off thy ragged array;
And I will be
So kind to thee,
And all thy debts I'll pay.

I've gold in store of my own
My debts all for to clear,
I've rings, I've ribbons,
I've jewels so bright,
And gems to trick the hair.

'Twas down in Stokton Church
The happy knot was tied.
From land to land
There's no man can
Match the sailor and his bride.

From English County Folk Songs
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