Sweet is the Budding Spring of Love
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

This ballad is from the ballad opera Flora, or Hob in the Well. According to Denes Agay, Flora was one of the first musicals on the American stage. The words were written by John Hippisley, who had been one of the original cast of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera. Flora debuted in England in 1729. It first played in America in Charleston, SC in 1735. The song remained popular throughout the eighteenth century. The origin of the air is unknown.* Sweet is the Budding Spring of Love
Next, blooming hopes all fears remove,
And when possess'd of beauty's charms,
Fruition, like the Summer, warms,
But pleasures, oft repeated, cloy,
To Autumn wanes the fleeting joy,
Declining 'til desires are lost,
Succeeded by eternal Frost,
Succeeded by eternal Frost.
*Best Loved Songs of The American People
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